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Club Executive

Sarah Hui, President

Sarah Hui

Sarah enjoys giving back to her community so she was overjoyed when she first learned about the Rotaract Club of Toronto in 2012. She not only found a group of bright, enthusiastic young professionals who were passionate about giving back but she learned that Rotaract Clubs in partnership with Rotary Clubs had members all around the world who wanted to do the same thing!

After serving as Secretary of the club for two years, then Vice President for one, she is looking forward to serving as the President of this amazing club.

Our Rotary International President chose “Be a Gift to the World” as his theme for 2015-16. Ultimately Sarah hopes through sharing her time, talent and knowledge that she can make a genuine difference in the lives of others and contribute to the Rotaract Club of Toronto.



Dennis Lam, Secretary

Want to know more about Rotaract or the Rotaract Club of Toronto? Find Dennis at one of our meetings


Vasko Pendev, Treasurer



Eric Muller, Professional Development Director

Eric Muller
Eric has been a part of the Rotary family since 2003, when he participated in a year-long Rotary Youth Exchange to Kyoto, Japan. After settling in Toronto in 2012, Eric joined the Rotaract Club and served as its District Representative for the 2012-2013 year. Eric’s role for the current year (2014-2015) is Professional Development Director. What he loves about the club is being able to come together with a group of young professionals to make amazing things happen!


Kallan Lyons , International Service Director

Kallan first joined Rotaract in 2007.  In her first year as a Queen’s University club member she attended the Bi District Rotaract Conference in Honduras, bringing together Rotaractors from across Central America to share ideas and recognize excellence in community service- an experience that demonstrated just how prevalent and powerful Rotaract is on a global scale.   Kallan was happy to learn about the Rotaract Club of Toronto, and is excited to continue her involvement as the International Services Director.

Contact: @KLyons87


Fatima Ahmed, Community Service Director


Fatima joined the Rotaract Club in 2013. After attending Rotary UN Day she decided to join the club. She was drawn to the club’s mission and likeminded enthusiastic members. She is excited about serving on the board and has many great community service initiatives lined up.



Jennifer Vicencio, Club Service Director


Jana Yee, Communications Director

Jana joined the Rotaract Club of Toronto in 2012. She’s had many opportunities to exercise volunteerism through the club and meet other awesome, like-minded people along the way!


Neisely Eugene, Past President


Neisely joined the Rotaract Club of Toronto in 2011. Rotaract provides an opportunity to work in our community and internationally through an extensive network with other organizations. Given the focus of this organization it was only fitting that she becane a part of something so great as she has always believe that we should help those that are unable to do so themselves.

Neisely is excited about the coming year as we continue to work on our current projects, explore new ventures and meet new people.


Rohit Tamhane, Rotary Club of Toronto Liaison

Rohit joined The Rotary Club of Toronto in 2007, and has served on the Seniors Committee since joining. Currently, Rohit serves as a director for the Rotary Club of Toronto as well as the Foundation. He also acts as the Liaison between the Rotaract Club of Toronto and the Rotary Club of Toronto.


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